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About Me


I am a bicultural graduate from The University of Tennessee Knoxville. I graduated with a degree in public relations and enjoyed all four years of studying public relations. I wanted to be a public relations major because I have always enjoyed writing and reading. The writing side of public relations is my favorite part. Now that I have graduated I am pursuing a career in public relations. I hope to do PR for a non profit, but I am open to all opportunities. The button below contains my resumé if you would like a downloaded copy.

Stephanie Cornejo 

Pursuing a career in public relations 




Publicity Nation PR Intern

The University of Tennessee College of Social Work Public Relations Intern

Seacrest Studios Intern

Director of E-Communication


President and Staff Writer

Director of Public Relations 

  • Helped a client gain publicity by writing a review for the client's music video

  • Contacted different media outlets to feature a client 

  • Drafted an email pitch that was distributed to a variety of media outlets.

  • Helped create graphics for the College of Social Work's core values to use on social media and for other events in the college

  • Created mood boards to help with changing the website , researched important social media holidays, and created a social media plan.

  • Helped the College of Social Work Outreached team increase social media activity with its followers- included liking and commenting on followers post.

  • Drafted weekly newsletters distributed to membership

  • Managed and updated content for the Delta Gamma Website 

  • President of The University of Tennessee Knoxville Odyssey (online platform for college students

  • Managed a team of 15 people to ensure editorial deadlines were met

  • Served as The University of College liaison worked in collaboration with Odyssey national headquarters

  • Drafted weekly articles on topics relevant to audience

  • Interviewed Odyssey applicants by phone and selected writers 

  • Established and managed Odyssey Instagram account

  • Coordinated photo shoots, designed holiday cards, and managed distribution to alumni and  collegiate's families 

  • Coordinated special packages in collaboration with other sororities 

  • Made weekly virtual videos that were broadcasted to the patients in the hospital 

  • Created own content which included book talk videos, story time videos, and a finish the story activity

Aug 2016-Dec 2020

The University of Tennessee Knoxville 


  • Bachelor of Science in Communication

  • Major in Public Relations

June 1st 2019-July 6th 2019

Siena, Italy

Study Abroad 

  • Study abroad through UTK for 5 weeks 

  • Took a cultural communications class 

School Year 2018-2019



  • Dean's Excellence Fund  Scholarship 

  • Buchsbaum Public Relations Scholarship 

  • Terry and Donnie Smith Delta Gamma Scholarship 


Situation Analysis
Build-A-Bear Workshop

In my public relations research course we did a situation analysis on Build-A-Bear Workshop Pay Your Age Day. I was part of a group of five and I was assigned to help with writing the intro, researching and writing information about the revenue, a brief history of the company, client overview, and creative history.

Media Kit for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

In one of my public relations courses where we created a media kit for anything that interested us. I decided to do mine on the new ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando. The media kit contained a news release, a feature story, a blog post, a fact sheet and included images for each.

*note the ride is real plus the details, but the person in the feature story is not* 

Victoria Secret Campaign

In my public relations cases class we were assigned to find a company crisis and come up with a campaign for it. My group decided to do the Victoria Secret crisis when the CEO said it would never have transgender or plus size models in its fashion show. Our campaign was making transgender and plus size audiences feel more welcome in the store by using certain tactics. 

LEPC Campaign for Galena Park

This is a campaign I worked on with a group for our campaign course. It was for an LEPC that was a nonprofit. I helped work on the fact sheet, finding the demographics for the town, and brainstorming ideas with the team on the campaign itself. 


Computer Skills




  • used for social media and editing pictures. 


Social Studio

Content Creator



Intercultural Competency                                                                      

Interpersonal Skills

Additonal Information

In the summer of 2021 I decided to take my passion for reading and share it with others! I created an Instagram account called @stories_with_stephie, for book recommendations. I write the captions, design the post, and run the Instagram account. Click the button below to take a look at the account!

Additional Information


Graphic Design Work

Newsletter and AD design  

This is a newsletter that I designed in my public relations design course. I wrote the whole newsletter and came up with all the information. The project was based off a pretend pet grooming place. 

This was for the same design project and is an AD I designed for the pretend company. 

College of Social Work Designs

For my internship for The College of Social Work I designed multiple graphics for the Instagram. I designed a graphic for the 3 of the 6 core values. 


I also created another graphic that was needed for a campaign the school was working on. 

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